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Arduino Fun

This section showcases Arduino projects that I developed during my school classes. These projects highlight how Arduino allows for quick prototyping and enjoyable coding, with applications ranging from interactive displays to device prototyping. Dive in to explore the fun and functional world of Arduino-based solutions!

The Potato Versatile

Meet The Potato Versatile—my take on what Arduino, conductive tape, and capacitive sensing can do. Feel like meditating? Hold the potato. Want to game? Go for it. Got a cat that loves to play? This is for you, too. And if potatoes aren't your thing, no sweat—swap it out for anything else that's conductive. It's all about bringing endless possibilities into your everyday life.

Step to Explore

This Arduino project incorporates TouchDesigner, a distance sensor, and immersive music to offer a multi-sensory shopping experience for shoe buyers. As customers approach, the sensor triggers a projection accompanied by music, illustrating the experiences and benefits unlocked by purchasing the shoes. This interactive blend of hardware, visual design, and sound creates a compelling environment that elevates customer engagement.

DJ Shoes

The DJ Shoes project is an innovative blend of fashion and technology, featuring a Bluetooth-enabled Arduino device embedded in the footwear. This device interfaces directly with DJ software, allowing you to control music through intuitive foot movements. Whether you're looking to mix beats, adjust volume, or add special effects, these shoes put a new spin on DJing. The project showcases the potential of Arduino for creating custom, interactive experiences, offering a hands-free way to bring your musical creativity to life.

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